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DIY Landlord Advertise FAQs


Advertise Property to Let Online

Do It Yourself Landlord Lettings and Advertising 

How It Works

Our DIY Advertise Service Packages are to help Landlords find potential tenants for their properties available to let,when you advertise property to let online with us.

It is not possible for Private Landlords to advertise directly on all major  property portals, we advertise on all the Major Property Portals, our own Website and smaller third party sites to gain maximum Property Advertising and Tenant Finder coverage for you the Private Landlord.  Advertise Property to let online with us to find potential tenants extremely quickly and at a low cost  to the Landlord.

Advertising for Landlords with empty property or rooms all over the UK.

These sites which receive over 30 million letting searches per month combined.  Advertise property to let online with us now for an efficient, no hassle service guaranteed.

Our  DIY Advertise Service Packages will focus on letting your property to gain all current prospective tenant leads within your area for you as the Landlord to let your property successfully.  We do not disclose your personal information and send you the leads directly to proceed or arrange the viewing for you if you choose.

We do guarantee potential tenants will be contacted within 24 hours of the initial enquiry and explain the service we are providing to the Private Landlord from the advertise property to let online options you have chosen.

The Landlord meets the tenants and shows them around the property after all, we believe that Landlords are far better at showing people around their own property, knowing the property and the area so well.

We can handle the rest of the admin depending on the service you have selected from us! Remember we are here to help you, the Landlord.  It is important you have a legal Tenancy Agreement and Potential Tenants complete a satisfactory reference check.

  • The property is LET.
  • The new tenant moves in.


It really is that simple!


So how will this save you the Landlord money?

Using BNR Property Services Complete Property Marketing and Tenant Finder package, you will pay £58.80 including VAT.
If you use a typical High Street Estate Agents Fees for the same service you will pay between £325 – £500 including VAT.

Both properties are advertised in the same way gaining full advertising coverage.

When using our DIY Advertise Services, the Landlord needs to do a little extra work in showing their potential tenants around, this is included within the High Street Estate Agent Fees.

The properties were successfully rented BUT! The Landlord that doesn’t receive any rent in the first month is the Landlord that used the High Street Estate Agent due to the first months rent being taken by their Fees.  Whilst the Landlord who used our DIY Advertise services paid £58.80 including VAT and received a profit from their first months rental income. Making their property profitable from day one!

If you were a Landlord with more than one property to let just think how much money you could save by using our DIY Advertise Services.


Need help? Please contact us if our frequently asked questions below do not assist you.  Please thoroughly read through the service provided before completion of the Property to Let online advertising forms.


How does Our Property Advertising Services Work for you:

You upload your Property and Photographs onto the Website by using one of the two forms provided either to let a room in your property or the whole property to let.

We check the Advert to ensure it has full Marketing potential and the photographs are visible and the right way up.

We then send you an Invoice depending on the DIY Advertise service you have taken, once payment has been received your Property Advertisement will go live.  There are no further costs to you the Private Landlord.

We advertise your property for free on our own website, where tenants searching for property have subscribed.  We email all potential tenants with new property advertisements looking within your area.

To take advantage of full marketing potential to advertise property to let online.  Covering over 97% of the UK tenant base looking for property to let.  Take advantage of our DIY Advertise Service options with full coverage.

If you have opted for our Free Property Advertising on our Website, then we will forward all leads to you, to deal with the enquiries and arrange viewings around your own busy schedule.  Please remember to contact Potential Tenants within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry from us.

If you have opted for our Advanced Property Marketing Packages, we will deal with all the enquiries to arrange the viewings around your busy schedule, unless you have chosen to complete this yourselves.

If you have opted for our Free Property Advertising Service, you show the tenants around the property, we leave you the responsible Private Landlord to deal with the offer negotiation, complete your own Tenancy Agreement, Reference Checks and Deposit Handling,  We just ask you advise us when your property has been successfully let.

If you have opted for our Advanced Property Marketing Package, you show the tenants around the property and if the tenants like the property we take care of the offer negotiation, Comprehensive Referencing and Tenancy Agreement.

The Service that helps all Private Landlords and best of all once your property is advertised it will not cost you a penny.

See our Service Options Click Here

How much does Property Advertising cost?

We have 4 Property Advertising options for you to choose from to suit your needs! Pricing is to include one property advert with a tenancy agreement term if opted by you of up to 12 months. Prices are per one property being advertised. If you have more than one property please email us directly with your enquiry.


Who can use our Property Advertising Services?

If you are a registered Owner of a property or if you are a Private Landlord you can use this service. Unfortunately we cannot advertise on behalf of other Letting/Estate Agents.

What websites do you advertise on?

We will advertise your property on all the major leading UK Property Portals including Zoopla, Prime Location, Homes24 and many more.


How long will it take for my property to appear?

We check all property advertisements before they are uploaded to our Website and all major Property Portals to ensure they have has much impact as possible. If it all looks great to go, we will invoice you for the services you have chosen and have your property uploaded within 12 hours from the receipt of payment. If choosing our Free Property Advertising Package and your property is great to go this will automatically be uploaded within 12 hours and an email sent to you confirming this.


Can I edit my property advert once it has gone live?

If you make a mistake please email us and we will change this for you. The only thing we can not change on your advert is the Address of the Property.


Can I advertise a room with the free Option?

Yes you can advertise your room only with the Free Option on our Website. Please ensure you have photographs of the Common Parts also available to give your Advert it’s full potential.

Can I use more than one Agent?
We offer a multi Agency Agreement with our DIY Advertise services and are very confident with the service we provide. Please ensure you check with the other Agent they can offer the same agreement.


How is BNR Property Services different to a traditional High Street Estate Agent?

We give a high level of service 24 hours a day 7 days a week to our customers, we have found more of our customers use the internet and do not visit the local Estate Agents anymore.  Tenants look on the internet in their spare time which is usually outside normal business working hours and Landlords work throughout the day.  This has created a change in the market and more Private Landlords and Tenants use the internet, this is where we can help and keep up with the market trends.

We plan to make life easier for both the Landlord and Tenant with our services contacting you and servicing you when it is convenient to you.  Being members of professional bodies gives our customers the extra confidence in using the services provided.  Ensuring we are informing you of the current legislation and are fully trained to help you.

We do not have the overheads of a big commercial agent, therefore we can pass the savings down directly to you. We believe you the landlord are better at managing your property if you have the knowledge and assistance from us. We also provide the full services of the High Street Estate Agent but with our DIY Advertise Services you do the leg work to create a big saving to you.


What Geographical Areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK as we are a national Estate Agents. If your property is in Scotland or Northern Ireland please use the advertised only packages Option 1 and Option 2 on offer.


How do I know what rent to charge?

Being the Landlord and knowing your area and markets so well, we believe you are the right person to make this decision. We can help if you would like advice with what other properties similar have let for recently in your area. If you need further advice give us a call and we will talk you through this, looking at similar properties being advertised in your area.  Our findings and report will also be emailed to you.


Are there any other charges?

No. You the landlord pay a one off fee for your chosen service. The tenant when they make an application will pay the application fee.


What happens when I use the services?

We will send you an email outlining which options and services you have requested and on which properties.


How are viewings arranged?

BNR Property Services will email you and send you an SMS text message to arrange a convenient time you are available to show the potential tenants around your property. BNR Property Services will then confirm this with the potential tenant and send you the full contact details of the tenant in case you need to contact them directly, unless you have already chosen to deal directly with the tenant.


To Renew the service?

All your information and property details are securely stored on our Database. If you would like to use the service again. Just email us and we will do the rest for you.


DIY Advertise Option 3, Option 4 and our Managed package – The Tenancy Agreement?

We will draw up the tenancy agreement for up to a period of 12 months, all you have to do is print this off and get it signed by the tenant.


How quickly will your property Let?

A timescale cannot be given on how fast your property will let. Being advertised on our website and  all the major property portals will give the property, it’s best opportunity to the potential tenants looking.  All properties are different one is not the same as the other.


Can I let multiple properties?

Please email us if you have more than one property to let.


Do you keep my information private?

Our data is securely stored in compliance with the data protection standards.


Additional Services

BnR Property Services can also provide the following additional Services.   These services are put forward to you when completing the property advertisement form, but can also be taken out separately.


Do you have the appropriate Buildings and Contents cover to let your property or do you require rental guarantee insurance get a very competitive quote from the professionals. Click here

(Rental Guarantee Insurance can only be taken if the tenant has successfully completed a full reference check)

We also give you the option to be provided with a very competitive quotation at your renewal date.

Do you provide ‘To Let’ boards?

Yes we do. With the internet advertising and most tenants now looking on the internet we at BnR Property Services do find this effective for advertising the property.  When you are meeting the potential tenant the property stands out and they know they are at the right address.  The To Let Board also attracts 22% of passsers by looking for property to let in your area. You the Landlord may disagree, not all Landlords like ‘To Let’ Boards so we do not charge unless you want one.

If you would like to order a To Let Board for £30.00 including VAT.   BnR Property Services will erect the board within 5-7 working days. Once the property is let we will come and take it away for you.


Do I need a To Let Board?

A ‘To Let’ Board is another form of advertising, therefore any passers by will know that the property is for rent increasing your chances of letting it. Also it helps tenants find your property when they come for viewings. This means that it will be easier for the tenant to find and therefore you will get less no shows, and less wasted time for you.


What happens once the property is let?

Once the property is let, we will replace the ‘To Let’ Board with a ‘Let’ Board this will stay up for 1-2 weeks and then be removed.


What details will appear on the board?

The ‘To Let’ board will have our company name and contact details including the telephone number and website address.


Do you provide floorplans?

We do provide a floor plan For a cost of £78 including VAT, this is usually provided with the sale of the property on your purchase. But if you don’t have a copy or require one we can help.


What is a floor plan and how can this help?

A floorplan shows the layout including room sizes of your property and enables tenants to see if it meets their requirements for belongings such as furniture etc.. It will help them imagine living at the property, increasing your potential viewings and letting of the property.


How long does it take to receive my floor plan?

We say to allow 2 hours for a floor plan but this will depend on the size and type of property to be emailed to you.


Why would photo’s help to let my property and what happens if I don’t have the use of a camera?

According to all the major property portals and tenant requests received, photos increase the amount of interest to click on your advertisement by up to 300%. Tenants always ask for photos of a property that we advertise if there not showing with photos or when the photos will be available.

You do not have to add photos to your advertisement but to increase interest a photo of the front of the property, rear, Kitchen, dining room, lounge, bedrooms and bathrooms are encouraged to make your advertisement work for you.

If you do not have a camera, to order photos add this to the property advertisement form and we will add the photos to your advert for you. Our professional photographer will take a portfolio of photographs and email the best 8 to use for your advertisement.


Image guidelines:

Landscape images should be at least 645 x 430 pixels (optimum size is 1024 x 768 pixels). Portrait images should be at least 430 pixels in height (optimum size is 768 x 1024 pixels). Images should be no larger than 1MB.


How do I order photos?

To order photos at a cost of £78 including VAT.
Add the option on the property advertisement form, once received:

The photographer will contact you to arrange a convenient time and the photos will be emailed to you. You get to keep the photos for future use.


Electrical Safety Certificate?

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and the plugs and sockets within the property etc safety regulations 1994 states if an unsafe appliance is found within a rented accommodation, authorities I.e trading standards check that the Landlord or Management Agent has taken all reasonable precautions to avoid supplying an unsafe item.  Insurance Companies also ask for proof of safety measures and maintenance taken for any insurance claim.


How do I order one?

Select the option to order on your Property Advertisement form.


  1.  To order an Electrical Safety Certificate at a cost of £78 including VAT
  2. An electrical engineer will contact you to arrange a convenient time
  3. The Electrical Safety Certificate will be emailed to you.
  4. Renewal every 12 months.

If you would like to find out about other Electrical services on offer for rented property or would like to order without completing the Property Advertisement,  please email us.


Do you provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)?

An Energy Performance Certificate better known as an EPC tell people how energy efficient your property is. Since the 1st of October 2008 it is a legal requirement for any person renting out a property to have one.

We can arrange for an Energy Assessor to visit your property at a convenient time to suit you. This is required by law for any let or managed property, a certificate lasts for 10 years. Anyone caught without a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), could face substantial fines.

Select the option to order on your Property Advertisement form or

Gain the quotation, book the appointment online now click here or email us and we will have our Energy Assessor contact you at a convenient time to you.

We check the property being advertised has a current EPC Certificate against the official register.

Do you provide Gas Safety Certificates?

We can arrange for our Gas Safe Registered Engineer to visit your property at a convenient time to suit you. This is required by law for any let or managed property, a certificate lasts for 12 months. Anyone caught without a Gas safe Certificate, could face substantial fines or imprisonment


How do I order one?

Select the option to order on your Property Advertisement form.

  1. To order a Gas Safe Certificate at a cost of £78 including VAT
  2. A Gas Safe engineer will contact you to arrange a convenient time
  3. The Gas Safety Certificate will be given to you and emailed.


Information on Gas safety certificates:


  • A Gas Safety Certificate is a legal requirement for any rental property
  • A Gas Safety Certificate confirms that the gas appliances in your property are maintained and in good working order
  • A Gas Safety certificate last one year and should re renewed annually
  • A Gas Safety Certificate must be given to the tenant when they move in and within 28 days of renewal
  • Only Gas Safe registered businesses using ACOP engineers qualified engineers can carry out work on gas appliances
  • If there is no gas at the property, you do not need a Gas Safety Certificate


How long does it take?

This will vary according to the size of the property. Typically it will take around 30 minutes to an hour.


What do I do if the test identifies any problems?

If there is a problem with any of the appliances, then the engineer will advise you of any repair work necessary.


What if all the appliances are new, do I still need a Gas Safety Certificate?



Emergency 24 hour Assistance to your tenants?

What do you class as a emergency?

An emergency is an unexpected event that requires immediate action to:

  • Make your property safe, secure and habitable
  • Prevent damage or further damage to your property
  • Alleviate unreasonable discomfort, risk or difficulty.


What happens when an emergency is reported?

You will be allocated an engineer who will aim to attend the property within 2 hours of notification if you have taken our management package option. If you have not we will call you if the tenant contacts us directly. Please email us if you would like more information on our 24 hour Emergency Assistance available.


What does our 24 hour Emergency Assistance Cover?

Our engineer attending to the issue at the property to prevent further damage and make the property safe and habitable in the short term.


Will I get an unexpected bill?

No there are no surprises and no ‘up selling’. Once the engineer has made the property safe they will issue a works report of works that will need carrying out along with a quote. It will then be up to you if you want to use our team of contractors or find another contractor.. This is only temporary work completed and does not come with a 12 month guarantee unless you use the quotation provided all our contractors offer a 12 month guarantee on works completed.


All engineers are fully insured and have public liability insurance


How does the repairs and maintenance system work?

(only if the 24 hour emergency cover has been taken out)

We will contact your tenant directly to arrange appointments for a Gas safety check and PAT tests when they are due for renewal.
Closer to all appointment dates our engineer will call the tenant to confirm the booking date and time with them.


Can my tenants book services or repairs?

No tenants can report non-emergency issues they have. We will then report back to you, the landlord.


What payment methods can I use?

We send you an invoice for the service options you wish to use, giving you the ways to make payment, or call our team directly to make payment.


What happens when I need to use the services again?

We will let you know in advance when your property is due for renewal We will not automatically renew the service to you. You can then let us know if you want to continue or change your services with us.


We hope this will never happen! Remember Property Advertisements go live very quickly once you have made payment. If no work has been completed a full refund will be given. If your property advertisements have been set up and are live a refund cannot be given. But your property will be withdrawn upon your request. Please call or email us immediately in the event of a cancellation.


How do I contact you?

Please visit our contact page click here for the various options to suit you.

If the options available here are not suitable we do offer other traditional services to suit you, at very competitive prices please contact us to discuss.

Do IT Yourself may not suit every customer so please email us and we will work with you for the service you require.