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DIY Property Sales Advertising

DIY Property Sales Services Option 1

Are you a Property Owner wanting to sell your property and do it all yourself? This is where you can process your advertising to sell your property. Please read the Sellers FAQs before you start and ensure you have read our Property Sales Services guide to ensure you have selected the right service available. Check the current market to see competition to ensure you have a competitive price with your advertisement being unique to stand out to the Potential Buyer. Your Advertisement will go live when a Property Visit has been made to check the Advertisement and the EPC Certificate has been received by BNR Property Services. If you do not have an EPC Certificate one can be ordered here by selecting the service. You will receive an Invoice for Payment on receipt of your Advertisement to sell your Property for us to proceed. Please ensure the Advertisement reflects the Property being viewed with the Marketing you are wanting to be published.

Please detail your full name including title

Please complete this if you have not already given us your mobile number previously.

Please ensure you give the full address including Post Code of the property you are wanting to advertise. Please check the Address is correct with no spelling mistakes this cannot be altered once completed.

Please select the criteria for your Price of sale, is this a fixed Price can offers be presented by Potential Buyers. Please only select one option here.

Please select the Advertising service you require, the prices stipulated include VAT and are the full amount payable.

We text and email all potential viewing leads and enquiries. Please ensure we have the correct email address and mobile number for these to be forwarded to you.

Please choose one of the options and ensure this is also detailed in your property description. If you select other please ensure to put this on your property description.

How many Bedrooms are there in your property to let. Please remember to detail this in the property description with any features. Whether they are double sized or have any special features.

We need to list the features within the property you want to advertise. Some of the main property portals have special tick boxes for this to feature on the advertisement. Please ensure you list here or on your detailed description you list the features. For example off road parking, Gas Fire, Double Glazing, Central Heating, Fitted Kitchen, Secure Shed, Conservatory, Dishwasher, Garage, Front Garden, Rear Garden, Compliant Cooker, to name only a few to give you an idea.

Upload another

Minimum requirements of photographs are the front of the property, kitchen, dining room, lounge, one of the bedroom available to rent and the rear garden where applicable to take full advantage of your advertisement. . Image guidelines: Landscape images should be at least 645 x 430 pixels (optimum size is 1024 x 768 pixels). Portrait images should be at least 430 pixels in height (optimum size is 768 x 1024 pixels). Images should be no larger than 1MB.

Please ensure you are informative and attractive with the wording of your advertisement. Why should the potential Buyer look at your advert and not another advert. What does your property have to offer and benefit the prospective Buyer. Please ensure you check the spelling of your description, this will be used on all advertising how it has been submitted.

This will not appear on your advertisement but will help us to help you with potential Buyers. If you prefer to complete this yourself please with potential Buyers please put N/A in the box.

In order to advertise your property for sale to potential Buyers, we need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC required renewal every 10 years). Do you have these in date or would you like us to arrange a call for you for our EPC Professional to contact you with a quotation.

We can Provide the following services to assist you, please let us know if these are required or it not just tick none.

Your property needs to meet current legislative requirements to advertise and find suitable Potential Buyers, by signing here you are agreeing your property meets current UK Law and Legislation standards to proceed: If you are unsure please visit our FAQ’s to see requirements. You will receive notification shortly and an Invoice as soon as payment has been received by us, we will arrange a visit to view your property and proceed with the advertisement within 48 hours of the visit as long as we have the EPC. You are also signing here to state you are the Property Owner and have the right to sell the property you are wanting to advertise. Your property advertisement will remain live until sold or if we do not here from you will be withdrawn after 12 months of advertising. You the Property owner are responsible for the property and the property advertisement, you are proceeding with this advertisement and the true claim the advertisement meets the property criteria the Potential Buyers will be viewing Thank you for using our Do It Yourself Landlord Service, a notification email and invoice will be emailed to you shortly. Please sign your FULL NAME in the box to ensure you have read our terms and conditions to use this service. There are no further fees to pay for this service for your 12 month listing once the upfront invoice has been paid.

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