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Presenting Your Property For Sale

Presenting your Property for Sale

Before you sell your property, take a look round the property to see if there is anything you can do to freshen the property up and make the property more inviting to the potential buyer.

We have devised some tips below to help you reach the best Marketing opportunities for your property, at BNR Property Services we always ask the Seller to put themselves in the Buyers shoes when walking round the property.

Our Home Staging Service is also on offer to you, where we at BNR Property Services send one of our experienced professionals to the property for sale.

We offer to complete this service for you, this is called Home Staging.  We find our Home Staging service gives you full support and offers tips from an experienced professional.  A full report is processed and presented to you.  Sometimes when you have lived somewhere for so long it is hard to pin point the views of a potential buyer.  We offer our Home Staging Service competitively at £75 + VAT.  Contact us to book an appointment to benefit you.


Tips to help Sell your Property

Disassociate Yourself with Your Home.

Get your mind in the sales mood to sell your property

  • Say to yourself, “This is not my home; it is a property for sale..
  • Let go of the property, focus your mind and mental state on selling the property and remind yourself the property will soon no longer be yours.
  • Have in your mind handing over the keys and warranties to the new buyer.
  • When viewing your rooms see if any work needs completing say goodbye to each room at the same time.
  • Don’t look backwards, look forward to the future and the new property you have in mind to call home.


De-Personalize the Property you want to sell

Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers can’t see past personal effects,  you want buyers to imagine and place their own personal effects in your property.  Don’t let the Buyer viewing get distracted.  You don’t want the Buyer to think or ask ” I wonder what kind of people live in this property?” You want the buyer to think or say, I can see myself living in this property.  Do not draw the attention to your personal effects within the property draw the attention to what the property for sale has to offer!


De-Cluttering your Property

People collect an amazing quantity of junk. Consider this: if you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it.  This adds the spacious feel to the property for sale.

  • If you don’t need it, why not donate it or throw it away?
  • Remove all books from bookcases.
  • Pack up those knickknacks.
  • Clean off everything on kitchen counters etc
  • Put essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored in a cupboard when not in use.
  • Think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway for your new property.


Rearrange Bedroom Cupboards and Kitchen Cabinets etc

Potential Buyers love to look around, they will open cupboards and cabinet doors. Make sure items are neatly packed away, think of the message given if your personal belongings fall out the cupboards! Now imagine what the Buyer will think of you if you organise and neatly present the Property.  First Impressions from the buyer could be you probably have taken good care of the rest of the property as well.  These are just some simple techniques to consider below to get you started:

  • Alphabetize spice jars.
  • Neatly stack dishes.
  • Turn coffee cup handles facing the same way.
  • Hang shirts together, buttoned and facing the same direction.
  • Line up shoes.


Rent a Storage Unit

Almost every property shows better with less furniture.

  • Remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways and put them in storage
  •  Since your bookcases are now empty, store them
  • Remove extra leaves from your dining room table to make the room appear larger
  • Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose and plenty of room to move around.
  • You don’t want buyers to think or say “What is this room used for?”


Remove/Replace Favourite Items.

If you are wanting to take possessions with you like those built in appliances or fixtures, remove them now.  The grandfather clock from the hallway? take it down.  If the buyer can’t see it, they won’t want it.  Once you tell a buyer they can’t have an item, this will dampen their positive thoughts on the property and this could cost you the deal!  Always try to pack those items away and replace them if necessary.


Make Minor Repairs


  • Replace cracked floor or counter tiles.
  • Patch holes in walls.
  • Fix leaky taps .
  • Fix doors that don’t close properly and kitchen drawers that get stuck
  • Consider painting your walls neutral colours, especially if you have grown accustomed to your own personal design, don’t give buyers any opportunity to remember the bright purple bedroom or the orange bathroom.
  • Ensure all light bulbs are working.
  • If you have considered replacing material items like new curtains, a worn bedspread? it’s time to do it now!


Make the Property Gleam!


  • Wash windows inside and out.   Clean sills inside and out too.
  • Rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and exterior.
  • Clean away excess dust and cobwebs.
  • Re-seal baths, showers, sinks and toilets.
  • Polish chrome taps and mirrors.
  • Clean out the appliances e.g. the fridge and freezer.
  • Vacuum the property daily.
  • Wax  and repaint floors.
  • Dust furniture, ceiling fan blades, plug sockets and light fixtures.
  • Bleach grouted areas.
  • Replace worn rugs or any other worn items.
  • Hang up fresh towels and linen.
  • Bathroom towels look great being neatly placed and level, you can fastened with ribbon and bows.
  • Clean and air out any musty smelling areas. Odours of any kind in any room are a big no-no!


Final checks and points to ask yourself?


  • Go outside and open your front door. Stand and ask yourself? Do you want to go inside? Does the property welcome you?
  • Stand in the doorway of every single room and imagine how your property will look to the buyer.
  • Examine carefully how furniture is arranged and move pieces around until you are satisfied.
  • Make sure all fittings are level i.e. window coverings
  • Does the room have emotional pull and seem inviting?
  • Your almost finished, does the property look like a Property now to sell?


Check the Outside appeal

If a buyer does not like the look of your property outside you will never get the buyer into the property.

  • Keep the pathways, sidewalks and drive area cleared.
  • Keep the Garden front and rear presentable and tidy.  Keep weeds at bay, the lawn mowed and bushes trimmed.
  • Paint faded window sills and trims, brighten and freshen up the exterior.
  • Potted flowers or baskets look great to add and give appeal to the buyer.
  • Make sure your property number is clearly visible


Remember you can call upon our home staging services, if you are still unsure and need a professional opinion we can visit your property you want to sell to give you expert advice.  We offer our Home Staging Service very competitively at £75 + VAT.  BNR Property Services want to help you sell your property.  We give you all the support you need with any of our services selected.