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Property Sales FAQs

(This information applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

BNR Property Services have devised the below guide to help you with the questions you may have about selling your property with us from the legislation to the final points of the sale.  We hope you find these frequently asked questions most informative.  We are always here to assist you if you need to contact us.

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We hope the below gives you a basic guide for when we meet you for your free appraisal



Energy Performance Certificates

If you’re planning on selling your home, you must provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).   Before we can assist you with our service or advertise your property for sale.


Current Legislation

An EPC has been a legal requirement since 2008 for any property whether you are wanting to sell your property, rent your property or your property is a new build.  This legislation is both for Commercial Property and Domestic.

Since April 2012 legislation has been put in place that makes it illegal to also market a property without a valid EPC.  While an EPC is a legal requirement there are many reasons why it is essential to have one for reducing your carbon footprint to saving money on your energy bills.  An EPC gives information on the energy efficiency of a property using A to G ratings, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least efficient. The EPC Certificate has an expiry date of 10 years.


What happens if I don’t get an EPC?

If you don’t get an EPC for the property when required, BNR Property Services won’t be able to proceed with advertising your property until you gain an EPC.  Also you will be faced with a fine, enforced by Trading Standards, that can be anywhere from £200 to £5000 depending on the rateable value of the property.

There is a 7 day grace period to rectify the situation and this is easily done by simply booking an EPC, from our online service.  Once booked the property is legal to market and the EPC certificate can be with you in 48 hours.

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We provide within our service a free valuation of your property you are wanting to sell.  We at BNR check the market for similar properties that have recently sold in your area with the going rates.  We bring our reports with us to your Free Appraisal appointment.


Floor Plans

It is not necessary to have a floor plan, we have found this does help when potential buyers view your property with interest, looking at the size of areas within the property and the benefits the property has to offer.  We can arrange for a floor plan to be presented with your property for sale at an additional cost of £50 + VAT.


Before the valuation you may wish to consider:

  •  Doing any repairs or decorating if this would make it easier to sell the house
  •  BnR Property Services can arrange for a survey if there are any major problems that might affect the value of the property, I.e a roof in a bad state of repair.
  • See our guide of presenting your property for sale to get you started.


Fixtures and Fittings to be included in the sale:

You should also decide in advance if you are prepared to include any extras like fittings i in the sale, I.e. curtains and carpets these are known as fittings. A price for these can be included in the asking price or a separate price can be asked in addition to the asking price if required.

Fixtures within the Property must be included in the asking price, unless it is made clear to the buyer these items are not included in the sale.


Listed are a few of the items to be considered as fixtures:

  •  Fireplaces
  •  Central Heating System
  •  Fitted Wardrobes
  •  Fitted Kitchens

However, in some cases it is not always clear whether something is a fixture or fitting so it would be useful for you to draw up a list of any items you intend to remove or are prepared to sell to avoid any confusion when discussing this with us.


Advertising the Property for Sale

We advertise your property to over 97% of the UK, to gain the best possible interest from potential buyers to sell your property.   We have  a dedicated team who push the advertising to the potential buyers all over the UK.  Take a look at the search engines to see who comes up first when you are wanting to buy a property.  We are listed with all these search engines and providers to give you the added advertising and marketing experience.  We have dedicated for sale boards for the passers by and market in all local listed advertising in your area.



We discuss with you the level of service and contractual agreement you require to sell your property at your free appraisal.  These services can be taken out individually or as a complete package with us.

which includes:

  •  Advertising costs
  •  Costs of preparing details of the house including photographs
  •  A‘For Sale’ board
  •  Our Services fees to include VAT



We will commence and view the property to all potential buyers by appointment, if you prefer to complete the viewings yourself, we are happy to assist you.  Remember first impression count, please see our advise on presenting your property for sale.


Deciding who to sell to

It is up to you as the Owner who you sell the property to and which offer you are wanting to except!

You may wish to consider whether the buyer:

  •  Is a first time buyer
  •  Has found a buyer for their own property. If so, is it part of a chain of buying and selling and how long is the chain
  •  Is paying cash or is likely to get a mortgage
  •  Wants to move at the same time as you.

Using our services we take into account the above and find the information out for you as part of our services.



It is illegal to discriminate against someone because of their disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.


Deciding on the price at which to sell

We send all the offers through to you to consider, it is up to you as the Owner which offer you are wanting to accept, we will do all the negotiating for you.


Accepting the offer

If you have accepted an offer, there is nothing in law to prevent you as the seller from changing your mind and accepting a higher or another offer from another potential buyer. You should also bear in mind that when an offer is made and accepted the potential buyer can also withdraw, I.e the buyer may not get a mortgage, or the survey may show up a structural problem.



When you have accepted an offer you need to find a suitable Conveyancing service. We can arrange for Our Conveyancer to contact you by completing the form below for a Competitive and exceptional service guaranteed. The form once completed can be emailed or posted to us.

Click Here to Download our Sellers Conveyancer form


Exchange of contracts

When contracts are exchanged, and before completion, the buyer may wish to visit the property, possibly to measure up for carpets or to get an estimate for building work. You should not allow any work to be done by the buyer before completion of the sale.

You should inform all the Utility companies that you are leaving and ask for final readings to be made of the meters on the completion day. You should also inform the council tax department of you leaving the property and provide your new address with the date of the move to take place, If the buyer is paying a deposit, this will be paid to your solicitor at exchange of contracts. The solicitor will hold this deposit until completion.



You must arrange to leave the property empty by the completion day and to hand over all the keys in your possession. Your solicitor will receive all the funds from the buyer and will provide this together with the deposit to you.

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